Testing Testing….

After a successful initial test on site last month, we’re now going ahead with a much larger test on the 23rd April. There will be seven whistles over a two mile stretch of the old railway line starting above Lochearnhead and heading up to Glen Ogle Viaduct. They’ll be sounding approximately every 15 minutes from 1pm until 4pm. Depending on weather conditions they should be audible from the village or pretty much anywhere in Glen Ogle as well as on the old line itself.

It’ll still be very much a test so there may be some alterations in the duration and how far the sound travels and so don’t expect a finished product, but if we get still weather like we did last month it could sound pretty special.

We’ve got a small informal event from 2pm in the village for select VIPs and potential funders of the final 18 mile piece. if you’d like an invite, or would like to volunteer helping install the piece for the day, please contact Charlie at the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park.

As a taster, here’s how the last test went:

Steve Messam residency – 1 minute trailer from cthrn wr on Vimeo.

About stevemessam

Artist, designer, curator and rural activist
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