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This residency has three key stages to it. First up was the research stage. This was the bit where I spent big chunks of time living in the park and exploring my chosen corner – mostly going for walks, taking … Continue reading

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It’s been a while since my last post. I’m back in Cumbria now and only popping back up to the park for the odd day or two to get things done. From the outside it may look like things are … Continue reading

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Fairy Stories

I like stories. Landscapes are full of them – lying one on top of another like the geological strata. Uncover one of them and you reveal the traces of many more below, but all add up to the rich narratives … Continue reading

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Of Mists and Mountains

I wrote a post on my normal blog – Mud ‘n Art – on wandering the hills alone and the experience of photography… of mists and mountains

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